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Monday, December 1, 2014


Running a Marathon

Our minds have been on “all things Marathon” since we have just finished up our 5th year working on the Philadelphia Marathon which has 30,000 participants!

We recently read on Runningusa.org that a record 541,000 people completed a marathon in 2013 and there were 1,100 marathons to choose from across the country and it begs the question…

Why Run a Marathon?

We looked on Active.com and found some very good reasons to run the 26.2 miles that include; getting fit, meeting new people, raising money and awareness for a good cause, a sense of accomplishment, getting out of your comfort zone and to inspire others.

Where you might be in your life may also be a factor.

Running as Therapy?

Noel Knecht is a friend of ours. When she was diagnosed twelve years ago with breast cancer she joined a formal support group and found that discussion really did help. 

Then she found out about the Young Survival Coalition.  They were promoting a bike ride from Boston to New York to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.  Noel did the ride and discovered that this challenging physical activity was the right kind of therapy for her.  Noel said this was a life changing experience and for her was best captured with a quote from the recent film 12 Years a Slave, “ I don’t want to survive, I want to live.”

This gave her the courage and confidence to start traveling to new destinations on her own and to set a goal for her self each year.  For this year she decided that she would celebrate her 12th anniversary being cancer free by running a marathon each month.  She has already completed eleven with the last one scheduled in San Antonio, Texas in December. 

Training for and running in a marathon is often a solitary activity and gives you lots of time for thinking and introspection that is therapeutic according to Noel.

A recent article titled “Less Talk, More Therapy” in the New York Times seems to say it all, or say less than all.

What Could Be More Exciting?

This is the 5th year that g4 productions has been part of the Philadelphia marathon event team and we would like to suggest our own reason that you might consider running a marathon in a large city.

They draw large crowds and often have big name runners and celebrities in addition to large numbers of participants, 30,000 in the case of Philadelphia.  Running a marathon course provides a unique way to see a city with all of the streets closed for you and large crowds cheering you on as you pass through the scenic neighborhoods. 

The Philadelphia course is a showcase for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Kelly and Martin Luther King Drives on either side of the Schuylkill River and of course, the Rocky statue at the art Museum. Yo, Adrian, take my pitcher!

All this combines to create a level of excitement that you just don’t experience everyday and can explain why so many people keep coming back.

So, get out your running shoes!

Until next time!

Alice and Robin, the gs

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